ANA6 – Vehicle Display Malfunction – 2020-2022 Porsche Taycan

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June 8, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V404000

Vehicle Display Malfunction/FMVSS 111

A malfunctioning center screen or touch control panel may obstruct the driver’s view of camera assisted driving functions, increasing the risk of a crash.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V404

Manufacturer Porsche Cars North America, Inc.


Potential Number of Units Affected 12,490



Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (Porsche) is recalling certain 2020-2022 Taycan vehicles. A software error could cause the center screen (including rearview camera image) and the touch control panel remain to black directly after the ignition is activated. Also, the Real-Top-View (including rearview camera image) could display a flickering image. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 111, “Rear Visibility.”



Dealers will install new software, free of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed August 5, 2022. Owners may contact Porsche’s customer service at 1-800-767-7243. Porsche’s number for this recall is ANA6.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your Porsche has a Recall


Issue Description

Due to a possible software error in the central computer (PCM), the affected vehicles potentially show two error symptoms:

1. The center and passenger displays and the touch control panel directly do not start when the ignition is on. As a consequence the screens remain black.

2. The Real-Top-View (RTV) is displayed with a flickering image.

For this reason, the PCM must be re-programmed with corrected software. Due to the related functional enhancement of the central computer, the driver’s manual must also be replaced with an updated version.


What should Dealers do?

The repair is not available at this time. Please wait for further instructions.

Please do not deliver affected vehicles in dealer inventory until further notice.


What will Porsche do?

Vehicles affected by the Stop Delivery will be remedied prior to vehicle delivery. Customer vehicles will be brought into the dealer to have the remedy performed as soon as it is available.


TI Number

To be released at a later date.


Customer Reactive Statement

The safety of anyone travelling in one of our cars is our highest priority and we regularly review the quality of our work from this perspective. In the course of these reviews, a software error was discovered that could cause issues with viewing exterior camera images on the central screen in some Taycan vehicles from model years 2020-2022. In some cases, the center screen can remain blacked out after starting the car, or the top-view display of the car’s surroundings may flicker. The touch control panel may also remain black. The instrument cluster is unaffected and remains fully operational.

While no incidents have been reported, we will update the software in the central computing unit and at the same time provide a full updated software installation.
Customers whose cars are affected will be contacted in due course for the work to be carried out at their dealership on a date convenient to them. There will be no charge for this work.


Important information



ANA6 – Re-Programming Central Computer (PCM) (Stop Delivery / Recall Campaign)


CRITICAL WARNING -This campaign includes steps where control unit(s) in the vehicle will be programmed with the PIWIS Tester. The vehicle voltage must be maintained between 13.5 volts and 14.5 volts during this programming. Failure to maintain this voltage could result in damaged control unit(s). Damage caused by inadequate voltage during programming is not a warrantable defect. The technician must verify the actual vehicle voltage in the PIWIS Tester before starting the campaign and also document the actual voltage on the repair order.


Model Year:

As of 2020 up to 2022


Model Series:

Taycan (Y1A/Y1B/Y1C)



Central computer (PCM)


ANA6 must not be carried out without first carrying out AMB5/WMH0!



Due to a possible internal software error in the central computer (PC M) control unit, the following two faults may occur on the affected vehicles:

  • The center and passenger displays as well as the touch control panel do not start immediately when readiness for operation is switched on and the screens remain black


  • Real Top View (RTV) is displayed with a flickering image

Campaign Exception for Punch Time Requirements: ANA6, WNJ8, and WNK1

PCNA will make an exception to warranty policy regarding the necessary time keeping procedures when performing the following campaigns: ANA6, WNJ8, and WNK1.

Though warranty policy guidelines state that no technician may be punched on more than one R.O. at the same time, an exception will be made for the ANA6/WNJ8/WNK1 campaigns. Due to the extensive programming time necessary a technician may perform multiple ANA6, WNJ8, and WNK1 campaigns at one time, as long as there is a separate identifiable punch for each on the respective repair order and the total number of campaigns being performed at one time does not exceed 3. The exception will be made so that full “active participation time” does not need to be documented for these 3 campaigns only.



  • Minimum requirement: Version 41.200.010
  • Replace Owner’s Manual in the on-board folder in the vehicle with an updated version.



Due to the high number of incorrect programming steps carried out as part of the last software update (VR12.1.1), a checklist was created to improve the overview of the work to be carried out. The checklist must be completed and signed and attached to the PQIS quality line in the PCSS. For checklist, seeTechnical Information ‘Checklist’

Affected  Only vehicles assigned to the campaign (see also PCSS Vehicle Information) Vehicles:


Required tools


  • 9900 – PIWIS Tester 3
  • Battery charger with a current rating of at least 90 A, e.g. VAS 5908 battery charger 90A
  • USB storage medium Type A+C 32 GB (for PCM update), Part No. V04014999WW000
  • USB storage medium, type C (for onboard Owner’s Manual update), e.g. Part No. V04014999WW000


Software update (software version VR19.0.1)


Chronology :

End of March, 2022, Porsche AG was informed through review of warranty cases from the field about flickering images of the rearview camera or potentially black central computer screens when the ignition was activated.

April – May 2022: Porsche searched warranty data and the verbatims from warranty claims to identify attributable claims. In parallel Porsche conducted a technical analysis of the subject software and reviewed how this issue affected compliance with the applicable regulations.

Porsche AG is not aware of any reports of injuries or accidents in relation to this matter.

June 1st, 2022: Porsche’s Product Safety Committee determined a noncompliance and decided to implement a recall for the subject vehicles.


3 Affected Products




7 Associated Documents

Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-22V404-7850.pdf 646.253KB

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Noncompliance Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-22V404-5920.PDF 237.35KB

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Recall 573 Report – June 16, 2022

RCLRPT-22V404-5800.PDF 237.379KB

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Porsche – ANA6 Stop Delivery/Recall Campaign- Reprogramming central computer (PCM) – June 2022

RCMN-22V404-6371.pdf 8.282KB

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Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-22V404-4514.pdf 152.648KB

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ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-22V404-1194.pdf 691.119KB

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Part 577 Owner Notification Envelope

RONE-22V404-4171.pdf 19.267KB

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Latest Recalls Documents

For the Latest and Most Recent Recalls Information Visit the link below…




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Recommended Pass Thru Devices:


J2534 Device

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Porsche is not responsible for any content on these two external sites


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- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
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Pass Thru - Check ECU is free of charge and does not require any login.


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  • Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • In case of EPA offical enter the CVN ID.
  • In case of CARB offical enter the Cal ID.
  • Click the "CHECK ECU Version" button.

If the VIN is valid you see:

VIN IS VALID - User has the latest Update


How to find the VIN:

The VIN is labeled inside the windscreen at the bottom right side: see sample.


How to get the CVN ID / Cal ID:

CVN / Cal IDs can be retrieved with a generic scan tool device.



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