SportDesign Package (2D2/2D6) – 2019 Porsche Macan/Macan S

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Installation instructions for retrofitting the Sport Design package on Macan and Macan S.


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Installation and Conversion Instructions

SportDesign Package (2D2/2D6)

Vehicle Type: Macan (95B)/Macan S (95B)
Model Year: As of 2019
Concern: Retrofitting
Information: The SportDesign package (⇒ Figure 1) further emphasizes the sporty nature of the Macan. The SportDesign package comprises the following components:

  • New front apron
  • New ready-primed door trim panels (ONLY for 2D6)
  • New ready-primed rear spoiler
  • New rear skirt, rear panel and underride guard (rear)

The components have been tested and approved together. Fitting of individual components is not permitted or approved!

The components specified above are also available straight from the factory for new vehicles by requesting optional equipment SportDesign package (2D2)/SportDesign package painted Black (high-gloss – 2D6).

The respective optional equipment is differentiated in terms of the scope of parts and the paint finish (Matt Black or High-Gloss Black) of the individual parts.

For I-no. 2D2, we recommend the following paint finish:

  • Matt Black (OK1): All grilles (radiators, vents), trims (fog lights, front camera) and parking sensor (inner)
  • Exterior color: All large parts (complete front/rear apron, front spoiler and roof spoiler), cover for towing lug and parking sensor (outer)

For I-no. 2D6, we recommend the following paint finish:

  • High-Gloss Black (041): All grilles (radiators, vents), trims (fog lights, front camera), parking sensor (inner), rear panel AND door trim panels.
  • Exterior color: All large parts (front apron/rear skirt, front spoiler and roof spoiler), cover for towing lug and parking sensor (outer)

The ready-primed sill covers (2D1)/sill covers and door trim panels (2D5) can also be retrofitted at the request of the customer.

Available part numbers can be found in the TEQUIPMENT catalogue or the Porsche Electronic Parts Catalog (PET). For installation instructions, working times and painting times, see Workshop Manual.

Parts Info.:
95B.044.815.01 ⇒ SportDesign package – set for USA/Canada
ONLY for retrofitting SportDesign package (high-gloss Black – 2D6), also order the following:
95B.044.802.00 ⇒ Door trim panel, prime-coated – set
ONLY for vehicles with ParkAssist (7X2/7X8/8A4), also order the following:
5Q0.919.275.B.G2X 2 x ⇒ ParkAssist sensor, prime-coated – inner
5Q0.919.275.C.G2X 2 x ⇒ParkAssist sensor, prime-coated – outer
Also order the following supplementary sets according to market and vehicle equipment:

ONLY for USA/Canada vehicles:

95B.044.815.18 1 x ⇒ Enhanced SportDesign package – set for basic vehicle
95B.044.815.19 1 x ⇒ Enhanced SportDesign package – set for vehicles with ParkAssist (7X2/7X8/8A4)
95B.044.815.20 1 x ⇒ Enhanced SportDesign package – set for vehicles with adaptive cruise control (8T3)
95B.044.815.21 1 x ⇒ Enhanced SportDesign package – set for vehicles with ParkAssist (7X2/7X8/8A4) and adaptive cruise control (8T3)
Also order the following if necessary:
95B.898.056 1 x ⇒ Mounting parts for roof spoiler – set


Parts List: Parts included for front apron (⇒ Figure 2 ):


95B.807.217.x.G2X1 1 x Front apron, prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -1-
95B.807.221.x.G2X1 1 x Front apron, prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -1-
95B.807.156.E.G2X 1 x Towing lug cover, prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -2-
95B.807.061.J.G2X 1 x Front spoiler, prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -3-
95B.807.683.xx.G2X1 1 x Radiator grille (center), prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -4-
95B.807.681.J.G2X 1 x Air grille – side (left), prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -5-
95B.807.682.J.G2X 1 x Air grille – side (right), prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -5-
95B.121.333.B3 1 x Air guide – side, closed (left)⇒Figure 2 -6-
95B.121.334.B3 1 x Air guide – side, closed (right)⇒Figure 2 -6-
95B.807.819.C.G2X 1 x Trim (left), prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -7-
95B.807.820.C.G2X 1 x Trim (right), prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -7-
95B.807.685.D.G2X 1 x Vane (left), prime-coated⇒Figure 2 -8-
95B.807.686.D.G2X 1 x Vane (right), prime-coated (not shown)
95B.807.838 4 1 x Air guide (bottom), closed⇒Figure 2 -9-
95B.807.661 1 x Z support (left)⇒Figure 2 -10-
95B.808.661 1 x Z support (right, not shown)
95B.971.095.xx1 1 x Electric wire harness⇒Figure 2 -11-
999.919.243.01 22 x Cap screw, 5.0 x 13 (license plate holder)⇒Figure 2 -12-
N.909.747.01 12 x Torx tapping screw, TP5 x 16⇒Figure 2 -13
999.507.836.09 6 x Clamp, 9.0 x 13.4/4.0⇒Figure 2 -14
N.038.501.3 6 x Expansion rivet, A6.0 x 12.0⇒Figure 2 -15
WHT.004.935 4 x Expander nut, TP5 x 15.5 (not shown)
— — — 2 x Spacer ring⇒Figure 2 -16-
95B.807.287.xx.E02 1 x License plate bracket (not shown)


1 Depending on respective set

2 Depending on country version

3 ONLY for Macan

4 ONLY for Macan S

Parts included for front (⇒Figure 3 ):

95B.807.550.P 1 x Plastic foam strip (front) – RoW⇒Figure 3 -1-
95B.807.550.Q 1 x Plastic foam strip (front) – USA (not shown)
95B.117.335.E 1 x Air guide on charge-air cooler (left)⇒Figure 3 -2-
95B.117.336.E 1 x Air guide on charge-air cooler (right)⇒Figure 3 -3-
95B.121.699.J 1 x Air flap (left)⇒Figure 3 -4-
95B.121.700.J 1 x Air flap (right)⇒Figure 3 -5-
95B.825.101.E.1E0 1 x Front underbody panelling (left)⇒Figure 3 -6-
95B.825.102.E.1E0 1 x Front underbody panelling (right)⇒Figure 3 -7-


Parts included for rear (⇒Figure 4 ):

95B.827.934.B.G2X 1 x Roof spoiler, prime-coated⇒Figure 4 -1
95B.807.521.AB.G2X1 1 x Rear skirt, prime-coated – RoW⇒Figure 4 -2-
95B.807.834.G.G2X5 1 x Rear panel, prime-coated⇒Figure 4 -3-
95B.807.8355 1 x Underride guard⇒Figure 4 -4
N .038.549.4 4 x Expansion rivet, A8 x 12 (not shown)


5 ONLY for vehicles WITHOUT trailer hitch (1D3/1D6)

— — — — — Micro-fiber cloth (commercially available)
— — — — — Betaclean 3350/isopropanol (commercially available)


Tools: 9900 – PIWIS Tester 3

Polyoxymethylene wedge (POM wedge, commercially available)

Soft-faced hammer (commercially available)

Stanley knife (commercially available) Shop light



May 2, 2019

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