WF24 – Replacing High-Voltage Battery Control Unit – 2015 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid



Model Year: 2015

Vehicle Type: Panamera S E-Hybrid

Concerns: High-voltage battery control unit



This is to inform you of a voluntary Workshop Campaign on the above-mentioned vehicles. There is a possibility that parts from a certain batch that do not meet the required specifications were installed in control units for the high-voltage battery on the affected vehicles.

As a result, the high-voltage system can fail when attempting to start the vehicle. If this happens, the vehicle will not start and the warning message “Hybrid system failure” will appear in the instrument cluster.


Action Required:

Replace and re-program high-voltage battery control unit.


Affected Vehicles:

The VIN(s) can be checked by using PIWIS Vehicle Information link to verify if the campaign affects the vehicle. This campaign is scope specific to the VIN! Failure to verify in PIWIS may result in an improper repair. This campaign affects 101 vehicles in North America.

Parts Info:


Part No. Designation – Use Qty. -> High-voltage battery control unit 1 ea.
970.611.901.03 -> Battery fuse box cover 1 ea.
955.606.838.00 -> Tie-wrap clip 5 ea.
970.555.643.01 -> Screw bolt for locking mechanism 2 ea.
999.507.584.02 -> Clamp 10 ea.
958.701.739.00 -> Warning sign for cover 1 ea.
970.611.901.17 -> Set of screws for control unit 1 ea.
Flange nut, M5 – For securing control unit 5 ea.
Cheese head bolt, M6 x 25 – For securing E-box (not required during the campaign) 5 ea.
970.611.901.14 -> Set of screws for fuse 2 ea.
Dowel (not required during the campaign) 2 ea.
Oval-head screw, M6 x 12 – For securing cover to high-voltage battery housing 3 ea.
Cheese head bolt, M8 x 12 – Fuse on high-voltage battery (not required during the campaign) 2 ea.
970.611.901.05 -> Fuse
Fuse cover 1 ea.
250 A fuse – High-voltage battery 1 ea.
Cheese head bolt, M8 x 12 – Fuse on high-voltage battery 2 ea.
Washer 2 ea.
Cover – Protective cap after removing fuse 1 ea.
Also required:
000.043.301.47 -> Antifreeze (1-liter container) approx. 1 liter per vehicle (As much as required)


Part No. Designation – Use Qty.
Tie-wrap, approx. 3.0 x 200 mm e.g. 999.513.075.40 5 ea. 1
1    The WWS Warranty system will automatically add into the “Miscellaneous item” section (sublet) of the claim after the claim has been submitted.
Tap, M6 x 1.0 with spiral grooves 1 ea. 1
1    The WWS Warranty system will automatically add into the “Miscellaneous item” section (sublet) of the claim after the claim has been submitted.


If the specified tap is not already available in the workshop or if it was not ordered for workshop campaign WD57, it must be ordered once specifically for carrying out this work.

During this repair measure, only use taps with spiral grooves, which guide the chips out of the bore in the opposite direction to the cutting direction.

Only one M6 x 1.0 tap may be invoiced for each affected Porsche dealer.

Designation/Comment Use
VAS 6558/9-6 – High-voltage test adapter HVA 280

VAS 6558/9-7 – High-voltage test adapter HVR 40

VAS 6839 – Voltage tester

T40262 – Locking cap

T40262 – Locking cap

Isolating high-voltage system from power supply
VAS 6884 – High-voltage cordon Setting up high-voltage work area
9860 – Adapter plate

9874 – Assembly aid

3033 – Lifting tackle

VAS 6100 – Workshop crane

9696 – Filling device

Assembly pliers for spring band clamps, e.g. Nr.192 – Hose clamping pliers

Torque wrench, e.g. 9768 – Electronic torque wrench, 2 – 100 Nm (1.5 – 74 ftlb.) (2 – 100 Nm/1.5 – 74 ftlb.)

Removing and installing high-voltage battery
VAS 6883 – Insulated tool set

Torque wrench, e.g. V.A.G 1783 – Torque wrench2-10 Nm (1.5-7.5 ftlb.) (2 – 10 Nm/1.5 – 7.5 ftlb.)

Removing and installing high-voltage fuse and high-voltage battery control unit
9818 – PIWIS Tester II


Download (PDF, 299KB)



For reprogramming and flashing Porsche vehicles without a factory diagnostic device, Porsche recommends the following devices:

Recommended Pass Thru Devices:

J2534 Device

Porsche is not responsible for any content on these two external sites

Pass Thru – Check ECU

Pass Thru – ECU Check verifies the vehicle compliance with the latest air polution restrictions of the following organisations:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Pass Thru – Check ECU checks the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stored in the vehicles Digital Motor Electronic (ECU) against the PAG database.

Pass Thru – Check ECU is free of charge and does not require any login.

How to perform a Pass Thru – ECU Check:

  • Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • In case of EPA offical enter the CVN ID.
  • In case of CARB offical enter the Cal ID.
  • Click the “CHECK ECU Version” button.

If the VIN is valid you see:

VIN IS VALID – User has the latest Update

How to find the VIN:

The VIN is labeled inside the windscreen at the bottom right side: see sample.

How to get the CVN ID / Cal ID:

CVN / Cal IDs can be retrieved with a generic scan tool device.


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